Our Vision

Our vision is that every employee and contractor that works for GKT Ltd. finishes everyday injury free, and completes their career with us healthy and able to enjoy their time to the fullest with family and friends.

Our Policy

At Grant Kurian Trucking, we believe that the safety and health of our employees, contactors, visitors and community is a core value of our work locations. We are committed to provide safe and healthy places of employment. We will establish and follow operating procedures that protect people from hazardous and unhealthy conditions. This includes complying with all applicable, laws, regulations, and company policies.

The following safety values of our sites will be reflected in all our behaviors:

  • Leadership must model safe behavior
  • Nothing we do is worth getting hurt for
  • Safety is a condition of employment
  • Safety can be managed
  • Provide and maintain a healthy working environment at all times
  • Ensure adequate control of health and safety risks rising from work activities
  • Ensure that all employees are competent in the work activities they engage in
  • Consult with and update employees on all Health and Safety issues
  • Every injury should and could have been prevented
  • Provide, as a minimum, “generic” risks assessments for all common tasks engaged in by employees
  • Employees at every level, including management are responsible and accountable for the company’s overall safety initiatives. Complete and active participation by everyone, every day, in every job is necessary for safety among all workers and visitors at each job site.
  • Every employee has the right to know about the hazards in the work place, the right to participate in healthy and safety concerns in their work place and every employee has the right and responsibility to refuse work that they believe to be unsafe and / or take the necessary steps to address the hazard, so we are safe from the start
  • We are committed at all levels from management to newest employee to ensure a healthy and safe working environment. Safety is a core value and a centerpiece of all our endeavours

As a part of that commitment safety, GKTL became involved in the nationally recognized Certification of Recognition, or COR, safety program within the construction industry. In 2012 the company received its initial certification and re-certifies each year to this exacting national standard.

GKTL Milestones