Over the years, starting from the company's founding, Grant Kurian Trucking has made a name for itself in the trucking and logging industry in Eastern and Northern Manitoba as well as Northern Ontario. The core values of the company has always been to service the customers' needs and deliver product properly and on time.

This website will serve to introduce you to who we are, what we do, and how we can deliver an exemplary product whether chip hauling, access road construction, excavating, flood control, or railway work.

Formed in 1979 in Elma, Manitoba by Grant Kurian with a single vehicle to haul logs within the forestry industry, Grant Kurian Trucking has grown to a fleet of over 25+ units including chip trailers, log trailers, low beds, flat decks and heavy equipment. In 2004, Grant Kurian Trucking became a limited company and is known as
Grant Kurian Trucking Ltd.

When first formed the company concentrated in forestry but with the down turn in the industry, GKTL began to diversify in 2008 into other areas including access road construction, right of way clearances, and right of way widening. In 2012 the company once again expanded into the railway industry.

GKTL hauls wood chips to the mill in Dryden ON.The company also low beds equipment in ON, MB and SK. Recently the company has been engaged in flood control work in MB primarily in the Portage La Prairie and Elie areas by conducting clearance and clean-up operations along the Assiniboine Dike.

Grant Kurian Trucking has been recognized by the Province of Manitoba for its leadership by being awarded the Employer of the Year Internationally Experienced Tradespersons Award of Distinction for 2010 and 2012 by Apprenticeship Manitoba.

Professional Team

Grant Kurian Trucking’s growth and expertise in many years in the direct result of a knowledgeable, competent, and professional staff at all levels. We care deeply for all of our employees which has been a key factor for our success. Several employees have been with the company for over 20 years and are dedicated to the growth and good standing of GKTL. All employees are provided with both “new-hire” training, courses and as well through out their time with us, they receive annual refresher training and courses. All new hires receive a thorough training and safety orientation before starting the work at GKTL.

Our team is dedicated, reliable, and enthusiastic about their duties either at our main operation sites or when dispatched away for several days at remote work sites.


  • Bio-mass Boiler

    It was a pleasure doing business with Grant kuiran Trucking. Grant’s spoken word is as good as signed contract. The company did their part for the environment, cleaning up the trees along the Assiniboine River that died during the flood of 2011, Chipping the trees and selling them to us for a great price. We now use these wood chips as fuel for our bio-mass boiler.

  • Northern Breeze

    We at Northern Breeze Colony are happy with the job Grant Kurian Trucking Ltd did for us. We had ½ mile shelter with three rows of Ash, Poplar and Evergreen trees right beside the hydro line. For a few years we have studied on how to eliminate the middle row of 70ft high poplar trees. We hired GKTL in the fall of 2015. In one day the buncher cut all the trees safely and efficiently they stacked them all neatly without damaging the other trees and the hydro line. After skidding the trees, the mulcher completely mulched all the stamps and root. We are very happy with the safe and thorough job.